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Western Australia

Endless possibilities

If you visit WA you will have to make some tough decisions… There are just so many tantalizing things to do and places to visit: beautiful white beaches, the largest expanse of outback, one of the oldest known living cultures on Earth, UNESCO World Heritage reef and rock formations, world-class surf, premium wineries, swimming with dolphins and much more.

Visiting the Kimberley

For travellers wanting to explore the Kimberley region this kimberley-pocket-guide.pdf is a fantastic pocket guide written by Birgit Bradtke. The full guide is available from her website at Destination Kimberly. We highly recommend using her experience when planning your trip!

5 diverse regions

Did you know that Western Australia is one of the largest states in the world? It covers an area of more than 2.5 million square kilometres – that’s about one-third of Australia’s total landmass. WA is divided in 5 regions: Perth and surrounds, South West, Coral Coast, North West and the Golden Outback.

Western Australia


A visit to Perth should definitely be on top of your to do list. Down under’s sunniest capital city blends all the ingredients for a typical Australian experience: the best beaches, a lively nightlife, interesting museums, authentic markets, great inner city parks, outdoor wining and dining, and amazing sunsets over the ocean… everyday.

History and culture

Over tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal people adapted, diversified and lived a nomadic lifestyle in perfect harmony with this ancient land, surviving harsh climatic and environmental conditions. The culture of Australia is essentially a Western culture influenced by the unique geography of the Australian continent, the diverse input of the native peoples and the British colonisation of Australia (as off 1788). Various waves of multi-ethnic migration followed. Over time, Australia developed into a unique blend of established traditions and new influences.

Unique biodiversity

Western Australia’s forests evolved in geographic isolation, which means much of its flora and fauna is found nowhere else on Earth. A significant percentage of its unique flora and fauna thrive here, including the jarrah, karri, marri, tingle and tuart trees. And you’ll be amazed by the variety of wildflowers – in WA more than 12,000 species are to be found.

WA has 141 of Australia’s 207 mammal species, 439 reptile species, 1,600 fish species, amongst them the iconic Australian animals, such as red kangaroos and crocodiles.

Wonderful underwaterworld

With 20,781 kilometres of coastline, including islands and archipelagos, you’ll encounter dolphins, migrating whales and some of the most diverse marine environments on Earth.

Ningaloo Reef (the world’s largest fringing reef) and Shark Bay bring you breathtakingly close to turtles, dugongs, reef sharks, manta rays and the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark. No doubt, you’ll be impressed.


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